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Gettin’ Fly With G

Graham Cobb’s passion for fly fishing really inspires me. It reminds me to take time for myself, to unplug from the connected world, and appreciate the simple things. This has all been said before, but to actually do it from time to time, is really rewarding. Spending time with Graham during filming, I started to see how deep his respect for nature is and how he spends his time has changed him for the better. It is this passion that we wanted to capture in this series of videos that would hopefully inspire others to find their passion, even possibly through fly fishing. If you ever get offered the chance to fish with Graham, eat lunch in the middle of a river, and finish the day at a local Mexican restaurant, I would recommend that you say yes.

Sam Snelgrove: Producer, Video Editor, Sound Recordist / Designer
Will Keown: Cinematographer, Colorist
Special Thanks: Graham Cobb @GetFlyWithG

Gettin’ Fly With G Teaser

We wanted to give people a taste of what Gettin’ Fly With G is all about, so we created a teaser to promote the longer video, that could be used on social channels.


Gettin’ Fly in Greenville

Graham’s love for fly fishing is so strong, he builds time into his schedule to do it, even during the workday. Taking time during lunch, Graham is able to experience Downtown Greenville, South Carolina in his own unique way, practicing his craft and stepping away from the noise around him.


Gettin’ Fly Highlights

With so much amazing footage provided by Will Keown, it was hard to let some of it hit the cutting room floor. This highlights video is perfect for Instagram, showing some of the footage that didn’t make the full video.


Behind The Scenes